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I am Mohammad Shabbir from Kolkata, West Bengal, India, and engaged in various activities, fond of getting knowledge from different parts of the corners and I really like to distribute the same before hungry one (those who really thirsty and want to learn something without paying any fees. Keeping in mind I started my YouTube channel and blog to fulfill the demand for the same in the name of “aparichitzone”.

Hey guys! This is very necessary to introduce before the great audience of people. No matter business is small or big. The “about us” content brings the reader’s mind to the fact whether they are interested to read more and explore the page or leave without reading a few lines. Most of us are very much fond of the “copy n paste” technique and the same makes us very common before the viewers. That’s why some reputed companies hire a great content writer to make the exact content related to their business and they are paid for that. Now let’s introduce myself in a simple way that I am not a content writer and not in a position to hire any paid content writer to furnish myself. Here is my introduction which will definitely not kill your time and of course this is a very honest introduction. Let’s have a little glance over the few lines.

Our Missions & Visions

We all know that getting proper education is the most important part of each and everyone’s life and we try our level best to achieve the same to the core of our heart to some extent but only schooling or college education will not help to achieve the goal so we have to go further one step and need to gain some professional study that makes our resume from good to better not best and providing ourselves in any reputed firm to build our career and get experienced that may be able to put our career towards the particular field, as well as one, can enhance his/her portfolio to the top level. Of course, this level will help and rank one’s CV to the top. Here I am not going to teach anyone like a philosopher but what I want to tell is a simple word is clear to all hope. Writing any content makes everyone confused and that habit kills one’s thoughts to a great extent. So dear readers please try to explore yourself and share your thoughts by writing and share the same with your friends and family. Whatever is the topic be the best and give your hundred percent? The content will be yours and this habit will make anyone’s life to the top of the level.

Business is small or big no matter but our vision is to create a job not to push ourselves under the roof of any other company. Thinking over the same I have created my blog and YouTube channel and share my knowledge before the people. I have a pin faith if someone tries his/her honest research with the great teacher “google” that helps him out from most of the problem if one act upon it whatever advice given. Continuous researches lead to the path of perfection.