How to update the address in the PAN card without uploading any documents?

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How to update address in PAN card without uploading any documents

Talking about documents, there are many such documents which have their own importance, such as Aadhar Card, Passport, Voter ID Card, Bank Passbook and PAN Card, etc.

Especially if we talk about India and the people of India, then their document never remains the same, some error is always found in their documents. Sometimes the name, sometimes the father’s name, sometimes the mistake of spelling in those names, the address, and sometimes the mistake of age.

It is not necessary that this mistake has happened due to their own carelessness, some more educated government employees are also responsible for such mistakes. Well, whatever the mistake may be, it is your own how to correct them so that all the documents become the same.

If we only talk about mistakes then it will take a lot of writing and I have full faith in you that you will get bored. For the time being, keep it aside and come to the point that how to correct the address in PAN card, that too without uploading any document.

Related to this, I have made a video on my YouTube channel, šŸ™ if you like watching more videos than reading blogs, and then you can do that too, you can watch the video directly by clicking on the given link. Most of the people do not have all the documents, even if there is some problem in their documents like – Aadhar card, PAN card, Voter card, Passport or bank account, etc.

There are mainly two portals for any kind of alteration in the PAN card.

  • NSDL – National Securities Depository Limited
  • UTIITSL – UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited

When you search in Google “How to update PAN card address online?” Any link will take you to the same portal which I have mentioned above. After that you yourself will understand what you have to do, just follow the instruction and keep moving forward.

By the way, in order to change the name, photo, or age in the spelling of the name like address or anything else in the PAN card, you have to select the option that what you are going to do or you apply for a brand new PAN card. You can do this through this portal.

I have told here that how you can update the address in your PAN card without uploading any documents. This is called Aadhar Base e-KYC where your data is brought from the Aadhar department and for this, you give permission that you want to bring your Aadhar card address to your PAN card, and you have to decide it in advance. It will be that the address of your Aadhar card is absolutely correct Because the same address is going to fetch to the PAN card after giving your permission.

Apart from this, if you have to change your photo, then before filling the form, you will have to proceed by choosing the right option, where you have to keep your photo already scanned, and the place where you have to get Aadhaar. You will have to upload your scanned photo instead of the photo.

nsdl portal

Do the whole process carefully where you want to put the tick and when you have filled all the formats then once again check from top to bottom and if you see any mistake then edit it by backing it and then save and continue.

In the end, the option of payment comes in front of you, complete it and process the payment by selecting the given option of payment, then you get a RECEIPT or ACKNOWLEDGEMENT slip, download it and save it and with the number, you will be given in it, you can check your PAN. can track the status

Point to note: – When you fill the form, the session is out, if this happens then you can log in again by re-entering the same token number and you can proceed from that till you have filled the form. , so you have to go ahead while saving and continuing so that in such a situation your token number can help you. Make sure to note down the token number and keep it.

You may Watch this video if you still in confused.

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