If you are the owner of more than one voter card then delete it.

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Do you also have more than one voter card, if so, then it is your responsibility to delete it, if you do not do this then there may be a problem.

You can get your data deleted in two ways.

1. Offline Method – You have to fill up Form -7 and submit it to your nearest office.

2. Online Method – You have to login by visiting the official website of NVSP and apply after verifying your data correctly.

Here I have made a video that you can do all these things online, you will find this video on YouTube channel.

Why do I need to delete the voter card?

There can be many reasons for this like:-

  • You must have filled the form for making voter cards more than once.
  • You have shifted from the old address to the new address, due to which your area i.e. assembly has changed and you need to make a new one according to the new address where you are living now.
  • Some member of your house has died etc.

After logging into the voter portal, you are allowed to do mainly five tasks in front of you, and you can do all these things online from home.

  • If you have been born and you have not applied for voter card till now, then you can apply for your new voter card from here from the very beginning.
  • If your voter card is made and any kind of correction is needed, like name, address or photo, then you can apply for correction in your voter card from your dashboard itself, and colored voter card in your address. But can be ordered.
  • If you have shifted from one place to another and you want your voter card to be shifted from old assembly to new assembly then you can do it from here. And you also get the facility of replacement of your voter card from here.
  • Last but very important, you can also get your voter card deleted from here.

Keep in mind that whenever you do any kind of work online, notification related to it will be sent to your mobile number or your mail as well as referral number will also be given to you and keep it safe so that if there is any inconvenience in the coming days. You have to give the same number if demanded.

Here is the video which can help you


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