How to share files and folders between two computers?

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Most of the people in today’s time must have computers and they must have been working in their offices or studies purposes.

data transfer between 2 PC

Whether you are an employee, student, or do some other work related to computer. In today’s era having more than one personal computer is not a big deal because work has to be done and work has to be submitted.

Today a lot of people are doing their jobs on Free Lancers and also earning some money. So it is natural for every home to have one or more computers or laptops.

In such a situation, if you have more than one computer, then it is not necessary that all your data (files, folders, any particular document, images, videos) should be on the same computer on which you are working.

Both computers may have different data and one computer may need the other computer’s data. Generally, we use a USB device or pen drive/flash drive or you can say data travel device, to carry data from one computer to another.

Here you are going to learn how you can make communication between two computers so that you can easily transfer or transfer any data from one computer to another without using any external device.

Here you will get complete information in the video given below. Seeing which you can very easily configure both your computers and exchange data.


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What are the important things or resources you might need for this?

1. First of all, you must have two computers or more computers.

2. Both your devices or all the devices should be connected with each other via wifi or wire.

3. Wired or wifi communication of all those devices should be connected to the same network.

4. To check whether there is a correct connection between all the computers, a command has to be checked by entering it, it is known whether your computers are working even if your computers are connected to each other or not.

5. Some important settings have to be made on the computer you want to share so that you can access the shared folder or drive on the other computer.


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