What are the benefits of getting an e-shram card, some important things related to it that you should keep in mind?

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First of all, we try to know what is this card and how will it prove useful?

Our country is an agricultural country, as well as the population of this country is also very high, whatever employment is provided is very less. Even if any kind of work comes out of government offices, then it is distributed among the numbered spoons, on doing so, the amount of remuneration that has to reach the hands of a worker does not reach, because money can be manipulated from top to bottom. And those who are the backbone of this country, wages are given as a bailout.

The Real Worker of this Nation

Yes, I am talking about all the unorganized workers who are the backbone of this country and who get bail in exchange for wages, whose data was not safe with any government, but every government must have this data. It used to be that in which area how many votes they would get. It is a matter to think about, every government makes some of the other excuses very beautifully.

Come on, all these things have been happening for centuries, let us try to understand in short what is e-shram card?

The possibility of creating a national database of about 38 crore unorganized workers of the country is being done through this present government and in the coming time, the benefits of any government schemes will directly reach the savings account or Jan Dhan account of these unorganized workers. No matter what is the prescribed amount or no work of any kind.

If the registration form is done successfully, online or offline, then all of you will get a unique number that will be valid across the country. Due to having this card, you can work in any corner of the country.

Self Registration form

Required conditions and documents for getting an e-shram card.

  • The age of the people making e-shram cards will have to be between 16 to 59, only then you will get its benefit.
  • Aadhar card is very important for the person making e-shram card.
  • It is necessary for the people to have an e-shram card to have a savings account or Jan Dhan account.
  • It is also necessary for the people to have an e-shram card to have a bank passbook.
  • The mobile number of the people making e-shram card should be linked with Aadhar as otp will come on this number.
  • The mobile number should also be associated with the bank account of the e-shram card maker eg

Well, let me come straight to the issues and try to understand that in the end what is this card i.e. e-shram card, and How is going to benefit the helpless and unorganized workers of India?

The main objective of creating the e-shram portal is that a database of the unorganized workers of this country should be created and a question arises on who they are. The person who does not work in any government organization nor does he keep the file of income tax, if spoken in small, then in any way earns his living by earning anything, it is not necessary that he is a laborer. It can be anyone whose list you will find on the official website, you can identify yourself from there, what kind of worker you are.

Some examples. Such as: – people working in the fields, sweepers or hairdressers in a house, private tuition teachers, drivers, clothes sewers, sellers of fruits and vegetables, computer operators, and many more information you will get in the list. Click here to download the list.

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Special things related to e-shram card and portal.

  • It has been launched by the Union Employment-Labour Minister Bhupendra Yadav under the Modi government.
  • Through this portal, the government will have a national database of about 40 crore unorganized workers.
  • The available database will be seeded from the Aadhar card of the workers.
  • Every worker will be given a unique number which will be valid across the country as UAN (UNIQUE INDENTIFICATION NUMBER).
  • Through this card, other government facilities can also be provided to the workers.

To get this made, the workers should have an Aadhar card and it should also be linked to their mobile number, as well as they should also have a bank account. With these three special things, you can go to any CSC or cyber cafe and get yourself registered and when everything is done correctly, you get a UAN (Unique Identification Number) which will be valid across the country.

Find Your nearest CSC center here

Let us now know how it can be beneficial for the workers?

  • E-shram portal has been created for the workers of the unorganized sector of the country.
  • Crores of unorganized workers of the country will get recognition.
  • E-shram cards will be valid across the country.
  • There will also be ease in getting work in other states.
  • The record of every laborer in the country will be kept on this portal.
  • This will give the benefit of PM Shram Yogi Maandhan Yojana.
  • This will give the benefit of the Prime Minister’s Suraksha Bima Yojana.
  • Workers will come under the purview of Prime Minister Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana.
  • Workers will get benefits of schemes in difficult times.
  • Accident insurance of Rs 25 lakh by registering on e-shram portal.
  • The government will pay one year’s premium on accident insurance.
  • On the death of a registered worker, the family will get Rs 2 lakh, while in case of complete disability, the worker will get Rs 2 lakh. Would be entitled to.
  • Partially handicapped will get Rs 1 lakh

Who can apply for e-shram card? Some examples are given below or you can also read and download all the data from the official website. Click here

  • farm laborers
  • sewing men or women
  • animal husbandry or poultry
  • Dairy producers and their workers
  • Vegetable sellers and vegetable producers
  • sweepers at home or in an office
  • people who distribute newspapers
  • any type of driver
  • doormen
  • body masseur or hairdressers or barbers

Apart from this, about 156 categories have been given and its NCO code has also been given while filling the form, you will feel this code, you can know about it comfortably by downloading the list.


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