What is a Blog and Blogging? Explain in full.

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What is a Blog and Blogging? How to promote your business via blogging? How many types of Blog in the market?

The topic that we are dealing with today is, “How to promote your business”?. There are many ways of promoting your business through various social platforms such as Blog, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr, Whatsapp, Youtube etc. However the topic that we are going to discuss today is “How can we use BlogPost/Blogging for our own benefit” in promoting our profile/business. In order to do so we must first understand what a Blogging is.

how to write a post or blog

What is a Blog ?

Let us assume that you are not familiar with the word/term “Blog”. So, Blogging is a term taken from ‘weblog’. Blogging is a part of sharing your knowledge in which you not only share your perception, but readers can also comment and participate in the discussions made on the blog. Blogs provide information on a particular profile/topic/business/event. The act of creating and writing on a blog is called blogging and the writer and creator who does all the tasks is known to be as a Blogger. There are various types of blogs and they focus on different fields/subjects, be it personal or professional, i.e. profile management/business promotion. Some of the different types of blogs are,

How many types of Blog in the market ?

Corporate Blog: A blog can be of any type if it is a corporate blog, then it contains information about the organization, its culture/work environment, its strategies, purposes or aim. Such blogs are called corporate or official blog.

Business Blogs: Business bloggers are those who blog for their business. The business blogger’s goal is to gain more exposure, traffic, and ultimately customers for their business. Unlike the personal blogger, their writing is less focused on themselves and more focused on their business and their industry.

Professional Blog: Professional bloggers are those who blog to make money online. Professional bloggers tend to use a variety of monetization strategies to achieve this goal, including selling display ads, creating information and digital products, promoting other people’s products for a commission. Professional bloggers tend to either focus on one blog or many niche blogs to generate revenue. Each blog would need to have the potential for attracting a large audience, producing lots of traffic, and being a good fit for advertisers and product sales.

Niche Blog: Blogs which provide information on a particular topic are called a particular/Niche blog; such blogs may deal with various topics such as food, education, phones, Music, fashion, arts, web designs, sports and thoughts.

Personal Blog: This is the most common type of blog. Blogging is not just way of communicating and sharing, it is more than that. Personal Blogs are commonly written in a very simple language with emotional touch in a conversational manner for friends and colleagues for better reach & understanding.

Forum Blogging: It is a place to discuss general blogging issues where a blogger may share his/her thoughts about blogging. Here you can ask questions, give answers, express things, share your idea on how we can improve in blogging.

Review Blog: It is a blog where a blogger share his/her reviews about subjects like quality of food, quality/type of education, mobiles, trending fashion, quality of cloth purchased etc. Readers can also give comments on the product reviews & discuss more about it and even ask counter questions to a particular reviewer for better explanation/detail.

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