Windows 10 download – format – install & make a bootable pen drive.

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Friends, today it is necessary to have bread in every house and a computer along with the house. Every kind of work is being done online, although every person has a smart mobile today, it is not even possible to do every work with a smartphone.

Therefore, for better work, we need a desktop or laptop.

Even if it is true that we have taken a desktop or a laptop, but our system sometimes gets sick, that is, the computer goes bad. These faults can be of two types.

1. Physical problem – that is, for any malfunction in a hardware part, it either has to replace that particular part or it is repaired, and in this situation, you have to take your computer to the chip level engineer.

2. Software malfunction – Here we will talk about the same, whose video you get on my channel.

Here we are going to learn how we can improve it at our home.

Special things or we are going to learn.

What do you have to do if your Windows (operating system) does not work properly?

1. First of all you need a pen drive.

2. An ISO file (WIN 7/8/10) has to be downloaded, whose link you will find

Download from here

below, saying that you can download the ISO file of the operating system according to your requirement.

3. Software to make a pen drive BOOTABLE is also downloaded, whose link will also be available to you.

Download from here

In this way, you can format and install your computer in a fresh way.

First of all you will need a BOOTABLE CD or PEN drive.

You can see how to make BOOTABLE in this video.

After inserting your BOOTABLE pen drive into your system, you have to go to BIOS and select PEN / FLASH drive so that Windows can be formatted and installed in our system.

In this video you can see the whole process.

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